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Title: The Apology of Socrates
Author: Plato (as translated by Benjamin Jowett)
ISBN: 9781775420514
Version: Unabridged
Language: English
Reader: Solo Male
Format: MP3 Audio CD
Tracks / Chapters: 4 Chapters
Total running time: 01:11:42

The Apology of Socrates by Plato is Plato’s detailed account of the defense Socrates gave his accusers and his judges at the trial where he stood accused of corrupting young minds. Plato writes the account as a drama from Socrates’ point of view. No one knows if this is an accurate account of the trial of Socrates, or if it is Plato’s artistic interpretation.

The apology, or defense, is divided into three parts. During the first part, Socrates addresses his accusers and defends himself against the charges brought against him. He has been accused of corrupting the minds of the young and of worshipping his own gods rather than the ones acknowledged by the state of Athens. Socrates blames these unfounded accusations on jealousy, gossip, and misunderstanding. He fervently believes that he just imparts knowledge to his students, and points out that none of his students or their parents ever declared corruption was taking place.

The second part is Socrates response to his subsequent conviction.

The third and final part of the apology consists of Socrates response to the verdict.

The Apology of Socrates by Plato incorporates a great deal Plato’s philosophies derived from his teacher, Socrates. Today, it is viewed as a great philosophic work that expounds upon the Socratic method, as well as a possible historical account of the life and death of Socrates.

Benjamin Jowett was an English theologian and classical scholar whose renderings of Plato’s work helped promote scholarly interest in the Greek philosopher.

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