The Enchanted Island of Yew - New Audio Version

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Title: The Enchanted Island of Yew
Author: L. Frank Baum
Version: Unabridged
Format: MP3 Audio CD
ISBN: 9781775420125
Reader: Solo Male
Tracks / Chapters: 27 Chapters
Total running time: 04:33:29
Condition: Brand new retail version in sealed DVD Case

“I am going to tell a story, one of those tales of astonishing adventures that happened years and years ago.” So begins L. Frank Baum’s tale, The Enchanted Island of Yew, a fantastic story about a fairy transformed into a prince for just one year. Published in 1903, the novel was out of print for over fifty years when it was finally brought back into publication in 1988.

The tale follows a young, impetuous fairy who lives on the island of Yew, a landmass that contains five separate countries filled with magical creatures like fairies, dragons, and magicians. When three girls are having a picnic in the forest, the fairy, who pines to live as a human, crashes their party and begs the girls to change her into a human boy. She teaches the girls how to perform the magical transformation, and they turn her into a prince. She is dubbed Prince Marvel, and she is given one year to live the life of a mortal before she turns back into a fairy. Prince Marvel leaves the forest to venture on a fantastical journey. Over the course of the year, he has many adventures and encounters friends and foes alike, including a spectacular dragon, bandits and thieves, and an evil wizard who plots to take over Yew.

The novel was written as a children’s book, and boys and girls will be enchanted by the magical kingdom Baum creates through his spectacular prose. The Enchanted Island of Yew is a light, enjoyable, and extraordinary fantasy tale that the whole family can appreciate.

Brand new MP3 CD in sealed DVD Case (similar to picture)
- MP3 compatible player (or a computer) required to play this CD

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