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Title: The Scarlet Letter
Author: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Version: Unabridged
Format: MP3 Audio CD
ISBN: 9781877522963

Language: English
Reader: Various
Tracks / Chapters: 26 Chapters
Total running time: 08:56:11
Condition: Brand new retail version in sealed DVD Case

The Scarlet Letter is a fictional account of a woman scorned by Puritan society. Nathaniel Hawthorne, one of America’s greatest authors, was intrigued by Puritan history and made it a major subject in many of his works.

The novel takes place in a small, Puritan settlement. A woman, Hester Prynn, arrives in American before her much older husband. While waiting for her husband, she has an affair with an unnamed man with led to a child she names Pearl. The elders of the settlement punish her by forcing her to wear a scarlet letter A on her dress, the A standing for “adultery.” She is shunned by her neighbors and is constantly pressured to reveal the name of her child’s father. Stubbornly, she refuses. Unbeknownst to Hester, her husband, a doctor who has dubbed himself Roger Chillingworth, has secretly arrived in the settlement and is plotting his revenge against her and the man who impregnated her. Chillingworth is a contemptible villain. He methodically tracks down the mysterious and unexpected father of Hester’s child and uses guilt to psychologically torment him. Tensions rise as Hester realizes what is happening, and the climactic scene of the novel contains a shocking turn of events that affects the entire settlement.

Hawthorne created a timeless tale that still has readers holding their breath to see how a scorned mother and her disgraced child can survive amongst such unsympathetic bystanders.

Brand new MP3 CD in sealed DVD Case (similar to picture)
- MP3 compatible player (or a computer) required to play this CD

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