Printhead Cleaning Solution

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Repeated head cleans waste a ton of ink, most of it simply backing up behind the clog. Severe clogs can be caused by:

-a printer not being used for a while

-using poor quality ink

-having the printer located in a cold spot

-bad luck!

Have no fear, Printhead Hospital is here!

With this kit, you will be able to soak the clogged nozzle or nozzles directly and break down the ink jam and get the ink through the microscopic nozzles and your printer back printing again.

Kit includes:

1 x 100ml Bottle of High Strength Cleaning Solution

1 x Syringe

1 x Silicon Tube

Instructions for use

1. Print a nozzle check pattern to identify which colors need cleaning

2. Warm up the cleaning fluid

3. Remove ink cartridges

4. Place blotting paper under printhead

5. Inject 1ml fluid into each nozzle to be cleaned

6. Leave to stand for about 5 min

7. Inject a further 1ml

8. Remove blotting paper

9. Install fresh cartridges and run 2 self cleaning cycles

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