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Title: The Island of Doctor Moreau
Author: H. G. Wells
Version: Unabridged
Format: MP3 Audio CD
ISBN: 978-1-877522-83-3

Tracks / Chapters: 23 Chapters
Total running time: 04:30:01
Condition: Brand new retail version in sealed DVD Case

H.G. Wells established his reputation as a literary master with the publication of The Island of Doctor Moreau. The novel’s unsuspecting protagonist is Prendick, a rather useless aristocrat who finds himself lost at sea. He is rescued by a passing ship and is treated by a Dr. Montgomery. Montgomery tells Prendick that they are headed to an unnamed island where he conducts scientific work. Upon arrival at the island, Prendick is introduced to the aloof Doctor Moreau, who seems to be the one in charge. Moreau wants nothing to do with Prendick, and is set to cast him back into the sea. The islanders take pity on him and Prendick is allowed to stay as a guest in a mysterious enclosure on the island where Doctor Montgomery and Doctor Moreau perform their research. Prendick, curious about what goes on in secret rooms, investigates the island and eventually figures out what exactly it is that goes on there. He ends up witnessing unimaginable horrors and is forever changed.

The godlike Doctor Moreau has remained one of literature’s complex villains; like Frankenstein, he is a man who does whatever he feels he must in the name of science. Wells idea of man’s scientific experiments going terribly wrong has been a recurring theme in science fiction novels and movies throughout the years; The Island of Doctor Moreau is one of the first great sciencefiction novels that had its readers involved in a riveting storyline while also grappling with great ethical dilemmas brought on by scientific discovery. It remains an exciting and fascinating journey into the unknown.

Brand new MP3 CD in sealed DVD Case (similar to picture)
- MP3 compatible player (or a computer) required to play this CD

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