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Title: The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book
Author: William F. Bigelow
Version: Unabridged
Format: MP3 Audio CD
ISBN: 9781877522994

Language: English
Reader: Various
Format: MP3 Audio CD
Tracks / Chapters: 13 Chapters
Total running time: 05:03:44

The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book is a collection of articles from the popular Good Housekeeping magazine all about pursuing and maintaining a healthy marriage relationship. All marriage-related topics are covered, including the courtship process, the engagement period, money issues, and of course, child rearing. The articles are thorough! The book is meant to be a twelve-step guide to marital contentment.

In his introduction to the book, William F. Bigelow writes, “If these articles make success in marriage seem something that must constantly be worked for, they at the same time show that success, plus the happiness that goes with it, can be achieved. Some articles included are: “When He Comes A-Courting”, by Ernest R. Groves, “Should Wives Work?” by first-lady Eleanor Roosevelt, “Children? Of Course!” by Jessie Marshall, MD, “Sex Instruction in the Home” by Frances Bruce Strain and “The Case for Monogamy” by Ernest and Gladys Groves. The entire book is comprised of twelve articles, all included at one time or another in Good Housekeeping.

Today, the book is mostly viewed as a cultural relic. It is seen as an anthropological treasure that provides insight into the antiquated opinions of those living in days where a woman’s “career” was that of a devoted and organized housewife. However, today’s readers can glean not only historical facts but solid advice that has held up over the decades.

The Good Housekeeping Marriage Book is a classic that makes for an interesting and informative read.

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