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Title: Pirates of Panama
Author: by Alexandre Exquemelin
Version: Unabridged
Format: MP3 Audio CD
ISBN: 9781877522765

Language: English
Reader: Various
Tracks / Chapters: 29 Chapters
Total running time: 05:47:23
Condition: Brand new retail version in sealed DVD Case

Alexandre Exquemelin lived the adventures he wrote about in Pirats of Panama. It is not certain where this man was born. Some sources say Holland, while others are convinced that his native land was France. Exquemelin lived a rough life, becoming a servant to a company that went under. From there he was sold as a slave to very cruel master who barely gave him when Alexandre seemed likely to die. Thankfully, the man who bought him treated very well, even releasing him after a year of servitude.

The book, Pirates of Panama, was immensely popular when it was first published. As proof, it was translated into all the major languages of Europe within that first year. It has also been widely used as a source for pirate novels.

Alexandre describes much of the authentic pirate experience. Everything from day to day living, to bars and barmaids, to plant and animals life goes into this book. He describes vividly the tensions in Europe as everyone sought to claim the right to the new world. He also writes about his own feelings on the adventures he and the other pirates take.

Lovingly recreated as an mp3 audio this CD contains the timeless story of the Pirates of Panama. Now you can enjoy it again and again

Brand new MP3 CD in sealed DVD Case (similar to picture)
- MP3 compatible player (or a computer) required to play this CD

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