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The Chance of a Lifetime

Lixtor is a free auctions and classifieds website for Kiwis that has no success-fee!

Help Lixtor reach 50,000 verified-members and we will auction a Lamborghini Gallardo for $1!.

How it Works

1. Sign-up

Register with Lixtor; you can Log-in with Facebook for convenience or you can register manually with your email address.

2. Get Verified

You can become verified-member by topping-up your Lixtor pre-paid account for using premium features.

The minimum top-up is $25.

3. Invite

When you have become a verified-member, invite others to join Lixtor so that we will reach to 50,000 members as quickly as possible!

We were featured on the Breakfast show on TV ONE!

FAQ Show All

  • When will the auction commence?
  • When we have reached 50,000 verified-members the auction will be "unlocked" and will conduct for
    7 days (without extension).
  • Are there any fees to bid / participate in this auction?
  • Its FREE to bid / particpate in the auction for all verified-members.
  • How does one become a verified-member?
  • When you top-up your Lixtor account, you automatically obtain verified-member status.

    The minimum top-up amount is $25.
  • Are there any "hidden" fees apart from topping-up $25 to verify my account?
  • None whatsoever. Even your member verification is free of charge; we give you verified-member status when you top-up your account the very first time on Lixtor.

    The $25 you've topped-up remains as credit in your Lixtor account idefinitely until you use it to purchase premium features of Lixtor.
  • Is there a time-limit as to when the 50,000 verified-members must be reached by?
  • Yes. Currently the deadline is Aug 31, 2016. It is only -178 weeks away!
  • What happens when Lixtor does not obtain 50,000 verified-members by the deadline?
  • The $1 reserve Lamborghini auction will be withdrawn.
  • What if somone just bids ridiculously large amount at the beginning of the auction (e.g. $100,000)?
  • They can't; the auction starts from $1 and each bid only increments the auction by 10c.

    It will take 1,000,000 (one million) bids to get to $100,000. Also Auto-Bid is disabled on this auction.
  • How many times can one person bid on the auction?
  • As many times as they like as long they are not already the "leading-bid". If they currently hold the leading-bid position, they will need to wait until somone outbid them first.
  • Can the owners of the Lamborghini themselves bid on the auction?
  • No. Owners of the Lamborghini themselves are strictly not allowed to participate, bid or win on the auction.

    Lixtor and their associates, friends and family members are also strictly-prohitibited from participating, bidding or winning the auction.
  • How much is the car worth?
  • The market-price is over $200,000.
  • How is this auction different from a "lucky-draw" or "raffle"?
  • Unlike a lucky-draw, which is basically "blind-luck", this auction allows you to actively influence your own luck (in the form of bidding) to win the Lamborghini.

Terms and Conditions

  • You must be a verified-member to participate in the auction-bidding process.
  • Only one Lixtor account per person
  • The program starts at Apr 2016
  • The program ends at Aug 2016
  • Any member who tries to manipulate / temper the integrity of the system with be disqualified.
  • The auction will commence only when Lixtor has obtained 50,000 verified-members .
  • Users may be required to participate in a photo taking session during/after the auction process. Pictures may be posted online or showcased on our website(s) for promotional purposes.
  • Lixtor reserves the right to disqualify all users that do not meet the terms and conditions of the auction. This includes users that submit invalid or incorrect information.